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A collection of my collections

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I like collecting things. I don’t know why but it all started when I went to watch a theater play when I was 13. It was a musical, an operetta in fact, named Meşhed-i İbad:) Well, I am not that old to know what it means but I remember that it was written by Uzeyir Hacibeyov in 1910.

I also vaguely recall that it was a humourous play ridiculing money-driven people from all casts.

It was a nice introduction for me to theater plays written and performed for grownups. I was really impressed from the play and bought the booklet of it for future reference and got lost in it. That day I decided to collect all the booklets of plays I watch. Now they are nearly 200 and I like to read them from time to time.

Together with the booklets, I also started to collect tickets. It was unintented though, one day I found out that I left the tickets of the plays I watched inside the booklets:) So that made my second collection. It isn’t limited with the plays now, tickets of concerts I have been to are also added to the collection.

Then came the LP period. When my uncle decided to get rid of his antique music box, I jumped on it. My rivals were far more older than I am but I did not let anyone to have the guts and attempt to take it. They must have thought that I was a real freak:)

People of my age, my sister for example, were collecting issues of girly magazines like Blue Jean, or trying to find out if the Milli Vanilli was real or not like perfectly normal youngsters while I was trying to find out the cheapest old bookstores (sahaf) where I can buy new LPs. I hate trendy things so I gave up collecting LPs for the time being until an ambiguous period. Now I am collecting old photographs, postcards and notebooks instead. The last time I went to Aslıhan Passage in İstiklal, where there are quite a number of sahafs, I found some notes from 1970s, where a girl wrote about the most important inventions of all times in her studybook. She wrote about the steam engine 40 years ago, about which we also had a lesson in our history of visual communication class  last week.

The same invention, different interpretations; this is what amazes me about the old stuff and one of the many reasons why I continue collecting old things although I have a fear of turning my house into a museum some day:) I will come back to this subject later on after a personal in-depth analysis of the reasons regarding my obsession to old stuff.

Who knows, this analysis may lead me to a new path in my thesis or in my life…