It has always been challenging to tell who I am, since I have a weird past for the most. I probably am the weird and old fart for my new 20 something year old friends in my revisited uni life. I am the young and admired fellow who accomplishes her everlasting dreams (whatever it takes) for my old friends. I am the weird member of the SUREK clan for most of the family members who left her perfectly paid and ‘prestigous’ job in their values for some underpaid and underestimated ‘editor job in a photography magazine’. I am a high IQed yet under potential for various reasons (that will take pages to illustrate) for my therapist. I am an economist and sociologist (if you look at my diplomas), a fairly new student (after some 5 years) of  visual arts, a photographer and an editor.
Who I really am is a bit of this a bit of that. On top of all, I believe I am an activist who does whatever it takes to cover the holes in my soul via various forms of art interpreted by myself and mostly by others…

7 Responses to “About”

  1. alphaauer Says:

    I think I know who you are and I have been thinking to myself you are quite a remarkable person. Not that I have ever talked to you at any great length, but very often these sorts of things are quite obvious even from a distance.

  2. I hope I really am the person who you think I am:) Well I guess I mostly seem remarkably quiet rather than quite remarkable for the most these days. Therefore it is such a pleasure to read this encouraging comment from a person I deeply admire, thank you…

  3. My dear friend, for years you’ve been turning into real you and searching for your essence. I admire you because of this couregous journey. It’s a pleasure to follow what you do and how you do.

    By the way about the holes in your soul:
    There is a crack in everything,
    that’s how the light gets in.
    Leonard Cohen

    Thanks god we have these cracks and thanks god we have the art.

  4. valla bravo, ne yazdiginin bir kelimesini anlamadim,
    tebrik ediyor, basarilarinin devamini diliyorum :))

  5. Cok güzel bir blog, neden artik devam etmiyorsun artodisiac?

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