Musical roads…

In our last sound class, I have learned another thing I haven’t heard of before. The musical roads…What a great idea. I wish we had the same here in Istanbul so I wouldn’t get bored while driving. But the car has to be moving to listen to them, so I guess it seems impossible for Istanbul with all this traffic jam, but it can be possible for the roads of outer town.  The technique to transform the roads into vinyls seems easy. Voices and music are encoded into the road surface using parallel corrugations at specific intervals (like the groove of a record stretched out) picked up by the vibrations in the wheel of the car. I did a little research and learned that this phenomena was discovered during the 1950′s. And you have to have a constant speed, have your windows shut for a better experience and be careful not to enjoy too much causing an accident:)

Here are some youtube videos of musical roads, explaining the technique and giving the example of the road singing ‘mary had a little lamb’ which was also the first recorded song by Thomas Edison via phonograph back in 1877…


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