Das Experiment

I have been experimenting on some psychological stuff these days. The reason is that I have become the unconscious of Müjde Hanım for a project and exhibition for our visiting artist class in uni. What I decided to exhibit is the tree that could have been drawn by Mujde Hanım, so that I will be able to show her innerself in a single piece of work. So I went out to forest, examined all the trees until I found the one that most resembled what I would have drawn if I were her. My version of Koch's tree

Here I must give some information about the tree test of Koch, so as to illustrate why I had chosen this tree as a representation for her unconscious: The tree test is a projective test in which the person is asked to draw a tree(in my case it is the photo of it). In doing so, the participant expresses some aspects of his or her personality, ‘projecting’ his or her deep emotional way of confronting life. Koch (1964) points out that in the development of cultures, the tree has always been the synthesizing symbol of life. Bound to the earth with its roots and with trunk and and leafy branches outstreched, the tree symbolizes the fundamental antithesis of man, who must find a psychological equilibrium between materialism and spiritualism, between security and the continuing struggle with the events  of the external environment, between the dark, silence and slow movement of the underworld and the light, stimuli and lively reproduction on the surface. Koch used the test to study the development of man from infancy to adulthood and the effects of schooling, degree of intelligence, and psychological state, normal or disturbed.

The test is used much less today than in Koch’s time, because many others have been more suitable to the problems of technological society such as the reactions to the stimuli and demands of industry, to urbanization and consumerism and to standardized work. It is used in trying to understand the the personality and mental attitude of adults especially in diverse cultures…


Before I worked on the project that I wrote about in the above post, I was also thinking and experimenting on my own innerself and tried to visualize some of my deepest fears that I am aware of today… I am not sure if I am on the right track but this is what I came up with at the end of the day…

The metaphor of ‘light’

One of the deepest fears is probably getting hurt in the most unexpected time/place/way. My photo on the left  is a metaphor of course, the ‘hurt’ mentioned here is more psychological than physical. Probably that is the reason why our walls towards others are mostly as high as possible these days, like always in my case…

Spiral of Cistern

To fall into the state of  monotony and banal, to get bored of or not satisfied from what you create is probably one of the nightmares for the most as well…

Fear of death, unevitable for all…

I think this fear is good in a way since it is the stimulus that makes you live the way you like and appreciate at least being alive…

Short cuts are dangerous

Of course short cuts are dangerous. Do I like danger? Not very much. I am a bit coward in these terms. I always follow my dad’s motto: the way you are familiar is the one that is most suitable. That may be the reason I am a bit late on my way. I take my time to digest everything and decide on the next move. But isn’t it also a paradox that I always take risks in my life:) I have started from the beginning quiet a lot of times taking many risks in order to do what I have always dreamed of. Weird enough for a hesitant…


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